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Todays Spotlight : Live Rust
May 01, 2023 - 10:08 AM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar Thank you Live Rust for sharing with us.

This was a photo we took of my 1966 Chevy/GMC K10 in a Tabaco Field along the Connecticut River in Hatfield MA. This was the fall of 2019, Covid was pretty serious at the time and my girlfriend and I spent a lot of time in the truck as there wasn’t much else to do.

Its an original 1965 GMC 4X4, rebodied in 66 Chevrolet metal and powered by the big V6, 4 speed with Granny of course.

Name:  live rust 66 k10.jpg
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Todays spotlight is on: Drake208
Apr 10, 2023 - 11:14 AM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar
My user name is Drake208. It is a 1969 chevrolet k10 with a 350 that I am starting to redo. I bought it from the second owner, the first owner was her dad.

I really do not know much more about Drake208 They are still active on the site, but only 2 posts. Maybe we can get them to tell us more here

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Todays Spotlight : EdwardSams 70c10
Apr 06, 2023 - 6:15 PM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar Today we admire EdwardSams 70c10. The posting is fighting me today, so we will keep it short and sweet. Beautiful truck

Name:  Imagew.jpg
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Todays Spotlight: Ironhorse (go Gary, its your 71, go Gary.. go..go)
Apr 05, 2023 - 11:33 AM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar How many of you sang the thread title while reading it? Just me? ok

"Some pics of my blue '71 1/2 ton 4x4 long bed"
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Todays Spotlight is on 71CHEVYSHORTBED402
Apr 04, 2023 - 11:11 AM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar Todays spotlight is on 71CHEVYSHORTBED402 and here is his story

click here for the discussion post

I purchased my 71 C-10 Custom Deluxe in 1989, and am the second owner. The original owner special ordered it locally with an interest in recreation. The truck had everything from a boat launching hitch to a CB, fifth wheel, camper, step bumper, saddle tanks and camper mirrors. He even ordered leaf springs, so that with a SWB makes this frame very rare. Rare doesn’t mean desirable, it’s about impossible to obtain bumper brackets for this frame. For the poor soul☺ who he needs them, a good set of OEM “coil spring” brackets are a good start for welds, cuts and re-drill. Those are the set with shorter inner brackets. Bumper placement approx. 8” behind the frame rail should about do it, at least for a sport bumper.

Name:  C10 truck in Yard.jpg
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Never mind I had very little knowledge of Chevy, I knew near nothing about mechanics when I bought this truck. I wasn’t exposed to it, and to some extent feared doing things I’d never done before. 4-5K in tools & materials later I’ve learned so much. I only knew the truck was cool with something called a big block. It was parked on a corner of the main drag, inside my old territory. Literally, I had a paper route or two as a kid. I know the area so well even my ex-wife worked a few doors down for many years. Heck I was chased by a dog two doors down, you got to watch out for some white labs man, a good Schwinn bike does the trick though. That tiny car lot is so small it remains a car lot 10 business names later, the space is otherwise useless.
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Todays Spotlight is on user the Rocknrod and his 64 Chevy
Apr 03, 2023 - 2:53 PM - by Liz
Liz's Avatar click for discussion post

Name:  20211202_113237.jpg
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The Rocknrod is also a valued staff member in our community. We appreciate you and all you do.
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