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jopaul 07-16-2018 01:25 PM

Re: '70 K20 carb options
new carb riser and gaskets, new intake manifold gasket on.
was able to the get the intake back on with the disty in the right place and buttoned everything else up.
It took about 5 minutes worth of cranking to get it fired up and it died almost instantly and backfired a couple of time.

Once it was able to get it running, and stay running it was at 2k while i filled up the radiator. I hopped in and hit the gas pedal to 'kick it down' and it went to about 800 RPM's, and sat there. I put it in gear (granny gear) and slowly let off the clutch to see if I can get it rolling, almost died so I gave more gas...and it killed it.

tried getting it running a few more times, and it always starts out at around 2K rpm's, and when i give it gas it dies.

I am thinking I need a new carb. or to rebuild this one (which I am not sure about doing). It seems as though the automatic choke is the problem, maybe at start up.

what would you choose? New carb? Rebuild kit and just change the automatic choke? Or??

dmjlambert 07-16-2018 10:11 PM

Re: '70 K20 carb options
Check and adjust timing before considering what's going on with the carburetor, 68 P.O.S. mentioned it a few posts ago that you could have a timing problem.

It sounds like you are making progress. How is the oil leak?

jopaul 07-16-2018 10:16 PM

Re: '70 K20 carb options
The oil leak stopped. Also noticed the intake and carb were not even tightened down when I took them off.

Will get a timing light and figure that out.
Just doesn't make sense about the outside temp causing the different running scenarios.

If it's warm outside, it runs like crap. If it's cooler, runs fine just high RPM's.

68 P.O.S. 07-17-2018 11:41 AM

Re: '70 K20 carb options
Timing can make an engine act pretty weird and do strange things. Read the following links to learn more about your timing. Having your intake and carb loose didn't help things either lol. I looked up the number for you Carter and it says its equivalent to the Edelbrock 1406. Not a terrible carb by any means. Some like them, others don't. I have a 1406 and I rebuilt it and have no issues with it. I would buy a rebuild kit and calibration kit and run it. They're stupid simple carbs to rebuild. 2 problems with them tho; they don't like high fuel pressure and they carb boil. High fuel pressure makes them flood essentially. You can either buy the Edelbrock fuel pump which puts out the right amount of psi, or add a pressure regulator and set it at 5.5 psi as recommended by Edelbrock. I went the fuel pump route cause I needed one anyway and have zero issues. The new carb riser you bought will help get rid of the hard starts from the carb boil. Did you ever find out what is up with your dizzy?

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