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special-K 05-22-2020 10:23 AM

Lost R/L/HAZ/BRK/REV Lights
This is with my '95 K2500 Suburban Cheyenne. First I noticed the turn signals were not flashing, nothing. I check the 4-ways, nope. I backed up in the dark and noticed no reverse lights or brake lights. All running lights work as well as headlights. I replaced the flasher relay, no change. I guess I have a ground issue but wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I don't get how the backup lights fit in. I'd suspect a grounding or wire issue toward the rear just from experience with aging vehicles, rust, mud hanging, snagging... But my hunch is it is up front closer to controls. I really don't know and electrical is my weakest area.

Fuses all look good. Not much there, only 5 lower amp with none marked for lights, other than the 30a maxi. No brake light relay and no blades for fuse in spot marked HAZ/BRK. I can get a picture of the fuses and chart in cover and post this evening. I need to get this fixed this weekend!

My wipers have been acting up, for a while. They'll go to low off intermittent or might not turn off right away. I figure I need the wiper module. But could an issue in the stick have some effect on my signal/brake lights?

VetteVet 05-22-2020 12:11 PM

Re: Lost R/L/HAZ/BRK/REV Lights
You may find an answer in one of these videos.

I don't think it's a ground issue because some of the lights should still work. I would check the harness underneath in the frame where it is exposed, for broken or rotted wires. This could be a case of one or the other lights working also, but if there is a break in enough of the wires it would cause the problem. The backup lights are completely separate so that would point to a broken wire as well. They could also be a coincidental problem.


special-K 05-22-2020 10:25 PM

Re: Lost R/L/HAZ/BRK/REV Lights
Thanks VV for that response. It does seem likely with them failing at once it could be a break. I would suspect the lamp circuit boards but way to coincidental for both to losse exact same lights and not lose the exact same

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