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tvblazer78 07-15-2009 09:44 AM

Blazer Chalet-Info inside
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All the info that you need to know about the
Blazer Chalet and GMC Jimmy Casa Grande

What exactly is a Blazer Chalet?

It's a full-size Chevy Blazer that came from the dealer with a pop-up camper on it. (A small number were also made with GMC badges as Jimmy Casa Grandes.) Less than 1800 units were made between spring 1976 and very early 1977, and were sold through Chevy/GMC dealerships. The Blazer came off the same production line as a regular truck, and had a pop-up camper shell installed by Chinook Mobilodge in Washington. The camper is similar to the Chinook campers installed on Toyota pickups of the same era. This is a cross between your Blazer and a 70's Volkswagen Westfalia camper. There isn't quite the German attention to detail and efficient use of space, but then there's more space to use! (Westie owners, please don't take offense; you get better gas mileage ... though I betcha even a Synchro Westie would have difficulty keeping up with a Chalet off-road. ;-)
The Blazer seats two in the cab, and up to four, sideways, in the camper. The camper seats fold down to sleep two, and some units came with fold-out upper bunks to sleep two more. These upper bunks are pretty narrow, so they're best for kids ;-)

Inside you'll find a propane heater and stove; water tank and sink, and either an icebox or a fridge. Shelves, closets and a removable tabletop round out the furnishings. (They did not, however come with a shower or toilet.) In short, it's a home away from home, for a couple of people for the weekend. It's not suited for large families or long-term camping; consider it a weekend camper and not a full-fledged RV.

The production totals are

1976 Blazer Chalet camper total is 688
1977 Blazer Chalet camper total is 867


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