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Rich72C10 06-18-2020 10:41 AM

No Announcement for Registration Lock?
Hi guys -

So I have been visiting this forum since late Feb / early April and just got registered on June 17th due to the forums Registration Lockout. I think I started to try to reach out around May 17th or a bit before using forum messaging the admins. One problem of mine was Gmail was sending all emails to the spam folder - Doh!

Anyways, I was lucky and caught a message from Josh in my spam folder to get my registration on his to-do-list, thank you SO MUCH Josh for manually registering me. Though I can only imagine other people trying to get registered and getting that dreaded "Registration Disabled" message but still seeing tons of new postings from current membership!

So ... why is there not a forum or CMS (home) sticky message explaining the issue and the why? I am assuming the forums will not be released from Registration Lockout until vbulletin v3 can be updated to vbulletin v4 (v3 is crazy old).

Lastly, what about having Team Members help on manual registration - heck, poor old Josh must have gotten really tired of my emailing for updates on my registration LOL. Though I'd image there is a risk on having too many cooks in the kitchen. I used to admin vbulletin for a Game Clan, so I feel you pain (when vbulletin v3 was *new*).

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