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Ironhorse 02-20-2015 11:05 AM

Common Courtesy in Selling/Buying Threads
Maybe I see it wrong but I have noticed many times it seems as if both the sellers and buyers in some threads miss the mark on common courtesy when posting. If someone asks a question on availability of parts, condition, shipping costs, payment options, etc. (you get the idea I hope) please have the common courtesy to reply at your earliest opportunity. Everyone gets busy and life throws things your way but take the time as soon as practical to reply to questions, don't leave people "hanging" . Not calling anyone out here specifically but I and several others have replied to a posting concerning a truck being parted, been over a week now with no reply and I KNOW the person has been on the board in other parts forums selling. If you want to sell/buy here at least maintain your communication. With out that it is a pretty tough situation to buy or sell . Okay, off the soap box and rant mode is off, LOL :chevy:

Ironhorse 02-10-2018 01:45 AM

Re: Common Courtesy in Selling/Buying Threads
Just bringing this back to the top as it is still a good thing when dealing on the internet. Communication is key to good dealings on buying or selling. If you want to buy the parts say so and follow thru. If after getting all your questions asked and answered and then decide NOT to purchase, be up front in your answers and just say "thanks, going to pass". DON"t leave the seller hanging as if you fell off the face of the earth. If selling parts be sure to stay in touch with the buyer and all thru the sale. State condition of parts as truthfully as you can, shipping quotes, methods of shipping and approximate ship times. Also be sure to PM tracking #s to the buyer. And remember, shipping is not cheap guys but then neither is it easy finding parts sometimes for 40/50 year old trucks!

Just some thoughts as I sit here unable to sleep after some minor surgery that became a bit more complicated than I had thought it would be.

SCOTI 03-08-2018 12:18 PM

Re: Common Courtesy in Selling/Buying Threads
Agreed. Communication from both parties is needed during a transaction. Some suggestions.....

Be as accurate as possible on description of items.
Include your intended shipping options & your ZIP code.
Have the item/s ready to ship.
Have an idea of shipping costs when posting items for sale.
Acknowledge when payment is received.
Communicate when items are shipped.
Forward any/all tracking/shipping info.

Ask specific questions if necessary.
Be prepared to pay ASAP. Communicate a timeline for payment.
If a seller indicates 'plus shipping', do the legwork on shipping costs vs. just leaving the burden on the seller.
Communicate when payment is sent.
Acknowledge when items are received.

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