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Longhorn Man 05-28-2009 12:28 AM

Electrical FAQ thread
Krue has done a great job sorting out the FAQ part of the site. You can take a look at it and spend a weekend reading it. ( I went through and picked out a bunch of electrical ones to link here on this board.
These are some of the common, and semi-common questions that get asked over here. I'll be adding to this list as things get posted and explained. If you find one that you think fits the description, feel free to send me a PM to consider it for this listing, and then also Krue's FAQ section.

Testing Windshield Wiper Motors

headlight buzzer

Labeled fuse box

How to find a key off drain

External to Internal Voltage Regulated Altenator Conversion

HEI swap

headlight relay install Another write up of the same

Neutral saftey on van column

RESISTOR Location- Blower Fan HVAC

Swapping from idiot lamp dash to a guage dash. (scroll down a bit on the link)

late model steering wheel & horn issues

In Dash Aftermarket Tach Install

camaro tach install

67-72 Gauge Panel Removal

67-72 Printed Circuit Layout

67 - 72 guage test

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