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72 Van no reverse lights?
Hey guys, this is my first post so I hope its in the correct section.
I have a 72 GMC 1/2ton van that someone wired when they where drunk haha.
so I went though and rebuilt the harness and got it all set up except the two wires that trigger the reverse lights.
I looked all over the column and can not find a cut out for the switch. after doing some reading I have seen some people post that van columns don't have that cut out(?).
did GM not give the vans reverse lights and neutral safety switch?
I saw one post that said early transmissions had them on the transmission, can anyone confirm that?
When I got the van I noticed I could start it in any gear, so I know who ever hacked the harness up didn't plug the safety switch in if it had one but I never checked reverse lights

its a 307 with a automatic if that info is needed
thanks everyone

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