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Daubs 06-30-2017 05:08 PM

Baseball sized hail on my 2004 2500HD...
Rough few weeks here in Nebraska. Lost tree in front yard two weeks ago, then baseball sized hail last night. Hammered my 2500HD CC/8.1/4x4.

Drivers side of the truck mainly. Hood has probably 30+ big dents, roof another 15+, few dents in fender, both doors, and the windshield is cracked.

Already called the Farm Bureau to submit a claim on the truck and the house. Dreading this interaction...daughters totaled her 2004 Accord last October, and they low-balled the hell out of me. Only relented when I called local agent and threatened to take my business elsewhere (they cover my home, six vehicles, two boats, two ATV's, and have umbrella policy for my photography business).

So what's my truck worth these days?:
2004 2500HD Crew Cab, 6.5' box
122,xxx miles
8.1/496 big block w/ Allison transmission
LT package, leather heated seats
Rear seat DVD
Towing package
Tube steps
BFG AT's in 285

Rockers are rusty. Paint is still in great shape. says in "very good" condition, $14,600 to trade, $14,256 selling private.

In "excellent" condition, $16,100 trade, $15,822 selling privately.

Ideally I'd like them to total it out, give me a nice check...then I could fix the rusty rockers, get new hood, and leave the rest as is. Then drive until the wheels fall off. It is only used for hunting / fishing / towing my ATV's to Colorado or Moab. Love the truck. I ordered it from the all the miles are mine. Mechanically it's in exceptional condition.

So what's it worth?

Hoods69BadBowTie 07-03-2017 03:56 PM

Re: Baseball sized hail on my 2004 2500HD...
Damn that sucks sounds rough sorry to hear about all the unfortunate events that happened recently. All I can say is insurance companies are in business to stay in business and make money not lose it. They're going to low ball you on the truck as well. Do you have any pictures of what the truck currently looks like might get a better response kinda hard to tell without having something to look at to see how bad it actually is.

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