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Andy4639 03-29-2020 10:00 PM

Re: 67-72 Tac...
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I got it all back together now to re-install it tomorrow. Hope it all works. I still got to find a buzzer for the speed warning and wire it up.:chevy:

Andy4639 04-01-2020 09:33 AM

Re: 67-72 Tac...
Well the cluster didn't go well at all. I spent close to 13hrs working on it and it didn't work. It even broke as I took it out.

Got the cluster in hooked up the oil line and electric connector to check everything and no water temp after idling for about 10 minutes.

Took it back out and added another ground wire to bottom of gauge reinstalled same thing nothing. Checked for ground and nothing installed new wire from sensor to back of the fuse block nothing. I finally said the heck with it and put it all together to test drive it and see how the speedometer worked. The video says it all! I came home pulled it out and the plastic gear that you turn with the cable fell out of it! :whine: I took and pulled the thermostat while I was at it, and replaced it. I hooked 12 volts to the water temp gauge while I had the cluster a part again and it pegged out hot. :metal:
I put the old speedometer back in it and hooked it back up like before, cranked it up and had water temperature again. :metal:
I boxed up the warning stuff and sent to Tom in Junction City, OR to fix it.

Old speedometer works fine is dead on with my GPS also.
The cable is good. It doesn't bounce hardly at all.

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