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mcubedntx 06-24-2005 10:09 PM

I am going nuts, somebody HELP
I decide today that I would replace my broken 1996 GMC door handle. I am going nuts....anyone have a simple way for getting it back together. I think I bent the little drive arm that attaches to the dorr handle and now I cannot get the travel of the drive arm figured out is there a simpler way????? Thanks :crazy:

hotrodmtodd 06-28-2005 09:14 AM

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I would put this on the regular message board, it would probably get more exposure. Take care, Hot Rod

ureckme 06-29-2005 12:38 AM

Yes I do. The rod from the latch angles to the inside of the truck when installed right. The bottom of the rod allways gets stuck in the latch if you put it in angled to handle. With handle off put both rods from latch into the latch. Take 2 of the 3 latch bolts out. put key in the lock, install both rods. take #3 bolt from latch ( dont drop latch ) lower latch and turn key and install handle and lift the latch and put bolts back in. Make sure the rod dont come out of the latch. You dont have to take the trim panel off. You can go in thru the vent in the door jam but its tricky. Matt typ'n w/1 finger

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