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tx99gtp 01-11-2019 12:34 PM

'47 Axles
Hey guys,

I have original 1947 front axle and the solid rear end (sealed drive shaft) and not sure what to do with them. I am not using either but not sure if anyone would want them or not. Should I try to sell/donate or just scrap?


mr48chev 01-12-2019 07:10 PM

Re: '47 Axles
They aren't worth a whole lot unless you are in severe need of one or the other then the price seems to get higher than normal.

The front axle might have more market and be worth hanging on to if you have a place to stash it that doesn't cost to keep it there. Sometimes guys have one that is damaged or worn so bad it isn't worth fixing and look for another one.

On the rear, you would have to find someone with a stock truck with a worn out rearend and then if you didn't drive the truck before pulling the rear you have to worry about it being worn out. If you were a lot closer I'd buy it to use part of it on an OT project that I want the Huck brakes for so I can run early Chevy 18 inch wire wheels .

tx99gtp 01-14-2019 09:46 AM

Re: '47 Axles
Thank you mr48chev. Sounds like these are destined for scrap.

whitedog76 01-14-2019 10:41 AM

Re: '47 Axles
I've had the same dilemna. You could hold onto your axles and hope someone wants to buy them or take them off your hands. In reality, that could be 2 days, that could be 2 years, or never.

The rearend, in my mind is worthless. If your brake drums are good, it may be worth pulling them off and holding onto the backing plates and hardware. That's about it.

The front axle, pretty much the same, the spindles are about the only thing worth anything at all.

Basically, what I'm trying to say, they're next to worthless. Go over to and put them in the "freebie" section, if nobody comes through in a couple weeks, off to the chipper they go.


MARTINSR 01-14-2019 02:34 PM

Re: '47 Axles
I HATE throwing out vintage parts, I HATE it.:devil:

But it has to be done some times. I just tossed out two 59 Rambler transmissions, a steering column and box, a PILE of brake drums, and a super nice front fender. I HATED to do it but I had put them on Craigslist a few times giving them away and got not a single call, I hated to do it, but they are out of my back yard and I will forget I had them in a week anyway being I am an old dude.


MARTINSR 01-14-2019 02:35 PM

Re: '47 Axles
You could give craigslist a try too, it will run for a week or something, I have gotten rid of a few things using craigslist.


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