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Re: Junkyard Jimmy Super Low Buck Build Thread

Got the body on the frame.

There are a couple small problems though. First on the body bushings and fit. I'll have to add some shims or washers onto the position 5 mounts, they are about 3/16" short.

I'll have to lift the rear end up again. I forgot to hook up the wires for the fuel sending unit. Also, those bolts through the seat mount holes can't be reached, so I'll have to jack it up to get those out.

It went real easy. That hoist was one of the best investments in tools I've had in years. One person with a hoist can install and remove a blazer body. Amazing. I'm hoping to get time tomorrow to get those bolts out, the shims in, the gas tank wires on, the body mount bolts all tightened, and whatever else comes to mind.
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