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Re: Structures 65 Chevy C10

I've got a small update. I was hoping to have more done, but since it's thanksgiving morning and I can't work in the garage I thought I'd update the old build thread.

After blasting the cab sprayed most of it with an epoxy primer. I then moved to work on the right side of the lower floor.

Here is a pic of the rocker before.

Here I have the rocker opened up. Notice the rat's nest on the backside.

This is looking down on the front right side of the floor.

As I was doing a little cleaning up. The floor wall where the the lower support structure runs blew out a hole. You wouldn't believe the pile of rock hard dirt behind this. I used my shop vac to clean it out. I stuffed 3/4" DIA rubber hose on the end of my shop vac and used it to clean out the inside of the support brace. You can also see here the kick panel wall is completely gone. After I removed the lower pillar section the kick panel wall was dust.

Pretty much the same thing at the back. That hole in the back wall shouldn't be there... The thing is I was just working both areas and the metal looked okay beside the rust. It was the backside that was severely rusting out. On the front end I was working the floor with a flap wheel and the hole busted out, then on the back side I was trying to vacuum and the area out and the plastic nozzle busted right thru.


1965 Chevy C10

1997 Chevy K2500 6.5 diesel

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