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Re: Pre 47 FAQ

seat cover on the cheap....if you are building a driver, and not concerned about originality, it is possible to recover the seats fairly cheaply(if your wife sews)...we bought a pad kit from a vendor that included cotton padding and burlap, along with the clips to attach the cover to the seat frame...if your clips are still on your frame, you could reuse them without any trouble....then, my wife bought three yards of black vinyl on sale for $8 a yard, and made simple patterns off of the bottom and back frames. we added 1 and 1/2 inches to the side meaurements to tuck the material over the back of the frame, and allow for the height of the padding...I had car washed the frame to get it as clean as I could, then oxy-acetylene welded some of the broken springs...I then spray painted it with black rustoleum to make it look better and prevent more careful when stretching fabric around the frame to prevent tears....the end result is really comfy and very affordable...I think I might have been able to do it for even less, by not buying the pad kit, but the total investment was around $ the feeling of a job well is currently out of the truck because I don't have the truck weathertight, but it goes in and out easily...Slim
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