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Re: How To Restore and Detail an Original Gauge Cluster

The intermediate plate needs to be painted. Sometimes they're in good enough shape that you can just clean and scuff them with a gray scuff pad, but this one had paint that was flaking so I had to strip the whole thing.

I used a scuff pad and lacquer thinner to strip it (wear gloves!). You can't blast these since they're very thin aluminum and will warp badly.

I use Krylon Satin Black after cleaning with prep solvent and wiping over with a tack rag.

The turn signal lenses can be lightly sanded with 600-800 grit and sprayed with satin clear to restore the faces if they have scratches or are chalky.

I had a pair that are in near perfect shape so I didn't have to fix the original pair.

On warning light models, the lenses can be made from sheets of translucent plastic from a arts/craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. You'll have to stack a few layers together to make them dark enough, and lightly wetsand the top layer with 1500-2000 grit to knock the shine off and make them dull like the original lenses.

You can use the same translucent plastic for the "TAND'M LOCK" and "OVER SPEED" lenses. I made decals using Avery translucent adhesive backed printable sheets, with the font printed in reverse to apply to the inside of the decal as the factory did.

Installed on the intermediate plate, bend the tabs open to get the old lenses out and trim the new peices to match before installing them.

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