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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Pickup?

Want to thank everyone for their time and interest in making these plaid threads go forward. We have been able to show a number of trucks that were "hiding". Some not so much and others in deep cover as complete reworks.

If you like them or not the important factor is identifying the trucks that are out there while trying to save the really rare and original condition units as Highlanders.

While the feeling that a Highlander Promo Package is somehow better than a Highlander trim upgrade only truck still persists. The fact remains they are both "Highlanders" in every sense.

Additionally we have laid to rest that GMC cloth ran the same dominate up and down pattern as the Chevrolets, and not the often repeated but never shown cross pattern early brochure pictures suggest. Plus the unwelcome fact (to some) they used fawn paint on the cluster and glovebox doors vs the black they probably should have been.
These are both due to your efforts to find and post original rare GMC Highlander Plaid upgrade trucks.

Lets keep going forward and continue to find these trucks and post ad links for those interested in adding a Highlander to their garage.

** Do you have a 1972 Plaid Pickup?
** Plaid Blazer
** Plaid Suburban
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