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Re: 1978 Russet Metallic 4x4

Originally Posted by buffydores View Post
Well that's the thing. It's never happened. I'm obsessive compulsive. I never get close to empty. It's just not gonna happen. With a 31 gallon tank, I'll go down to 10 gallons, but not much lower than that. I was jacking around with the fuel situation because I was having some engine squirrelly behavior on the Ramjet with cold start up that I was thinking was fueling, but I've now ruled that out in my mind. That's a tuning problem.

The other thing is your setup looks like there's plenty of OEM connectors and such. I'd like to keep running a factory AC Delco sending unit and just add an extra hole with a cute baffled thingy to manage sloshing. That's what's cool about the Phantom setup. That said, what's your problem with the Aeromotive stuff. Are the pumps crapping out. Because that's a very attractive thing about the inline pumps. I can swap that in a pinch.
Yes the Aeromotive products (I've used both Phantom in-tank and A1000 external) have a short lifespan. Especially the external. The heat just kills them. They are a great product if you're drag racing or doing other sports like that, but to me if you're trying to drive 3k miles across the country or even 500 miles across west Texas in 118* weather, they just aren't up to the task. Last one left us stranded in El Paso, TX. That was it for us. No more external pumps. Next we installed a Phantom kit, 1st one was bad out of the box, second one lasted Hot Rod Power Tour but you couldn't get below about 1/2 tank before the sloshing caused engine stumbles around corners. And with a vehicle that gets 10MPG that really sucked. ALWAYS stopping for fuel.

With the GM Fuel module you don't need to put gas in every 10 gallons. You'll be able to drive it like a normal vehicle and get gas when it's on E. Or before if you like, just not needed. The Jet pump will keep the bucket full and the pump covered and cool even when there is very low fuel level in the tank.

The reason we put the pump right where the factory sending unit was is because this is the Vapor Dome location. This is where the tank needs to see it's vent located to function properly and not get fuel coming out of the vent system of the new fuel module.

Last time I had idle trouble with my RAM-JET it was an O2 sensor that went bad. I know those engines are supplied with a code reader, but let me tell you, a bad O2 won't throw a code on the MEFI3 (upgraded) or the MEFI4A/B. I'm not sure which you have.

If you still have trouble after that, or if you've got a non closed loop upgraded MEFI3 I'd check for vacuum leaks and check the MAP sensor signal.
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