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Re: TA_C10: Stage 1

LS Headers - 1 3/4 long tube Speed Engineering

Little update. I had another thread asking about what to do on this issue. I ended up grinding away some of the motor mount top plate to clear the drivers side header. I was mostly concerned with the nylock nut and it being exposed after grinding back the plate and thinking the heat would melt the nylon in the nut. So I think I am going to get one of those "distorted thread lock nuts" or Fastenal calls them top lock nuts. This should work great.

But anyway, this clearancing worked great and now all I need to do if figure out how to stop the rust on the plate I grinded. They are coated with zinc or whatever and I ground that away.. I don't want to paint them either.... Gotta figure that out.

Header fits great now.

TA_C10 Stage 1 build -

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