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Re: The first year for two-tone paint?

Originally Posted by StoningtonQB View Post
These can't ALL be fakes...
Yes they can! The 400 series style paint is very often added to trucks to dress them up. I've even seen Cheyenne Supers deemed to be fakes because they didn't have the optional Deluxe Two-Tone paint.

So to break things down again (I get to do this a lot),

The two principle secodary colors were code 526 Ivory/Off-White (67-68), 521 White (69 only) and a slightly different white 521 White (70-72). In almost any case a quick check of the SPID will tell you the original colors and the paint configuration.

67-72 Conventional Two-Tone, White roof in the industry classic two-tone scheme. The three basic variations were 67 only in Ivory/Off-White from the drip rails up and back, 68 full upper cab in Ivory/Off-White and 69-72 full upper cab in White.

69-70 Special Two-Tone, White roof and rockers (below the lower bodyside molding). Think WHITE/GREEN/WHITE. It was also used on the 50th (code 551) trucks in 68 with the 526 Ivory/Off-White. This may have been offered on early 71 trucks, if you have one please get me the SPID codes. Finally, it was heavily used on Suburbans 69-72.

70-72 Custom Two-Tone, Select contrasting color other than white on the roof only. Think DARK BLUE/MED BLUE or BLACK/HUGGER ORANGE. Looks just like the basic Conventional Two-Tone but without White (see post #5).

71-72 Deluxe Two-Tone, (400 series, 4XX paint code) White roof and between the body side moldings. Think WHITE/BLUE/WHITE/BLUE.

To help illustrate these different paint schemes I have added a color chart from a series I'm working on. This particular chart is applicable to 71-72s with the 510 Medium Blue primary body color
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