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Project "Blue" 2001 Chevy Blazer Xtreme

Just picked this up last week. Since I have been doing an S10 frame swap on a 52 Chevy and it got me interested in picking up an S10. I really liked the Cyclones when I was growing up so I thought why not pick something like this up. Short term goal is to get it running and driving nicely and everything working. Long term goal would be to LS swap it. It really needs the front end rebuilt. It had a torn up tire and was pulling to right really bad. Interior was really dirty and needs a good cleaning and probably carpet.

So far here is what I have ordered.
2 new tires.
Dash grills
New headlights, fog lights, turn signals.
2" dropped spindles
2" blocks for rear
New front rotors and brakes
Complete front end rebuild kit
Billet Chevy symbol
New light switch
New rear hatch shocks
Door panel clips
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Project "Eagle Spirit" 52 Chevy

Project "Blue Xtreme"
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