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Re: '54 front tire/wheel situation

Originally Posted by MiraclePieCo View Post
1) Cut out that suspension and install an aftermarket Mustang II?

2) Widen your fenders? I saw a truck for sale on CL that had added a 4" strip of metal down the center of front and rear fenders. It actually looked great.

3) Sell that truck and buy another that's set up the way you want?
I really don't want to go to the cost and effort of the Mustang swap, and although I have also seen some widened fenders, I really like my patina the way it is so widening the fenders isn't an option either. I love the truck and the guy that did it, did a really nice job. It's put together the right way - other than the width of that front end which isn't a show stopper. I just want a little different look is all. I figured the offset rims would be an easy fix and possibly the A arms. No experience with shorter A arms?
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