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Re: Fixin Dixie - 66 Short Bed Fleetside

Catching up since last post, had a number of other parts I could fit into the trunk of the accord blasted and got them painted now. The only one that came back as a problem was the front bed panel that has me thinking its probably best to buy a replacement vs trying to get this repaired and rust fixed thats inside the roll.

If its flat or has right angles I can usually repair that though, here the radiator support had a rusted out section so I gave it a shot.

Also got the calipers spruced up

Tonight I was able to get the rear axle free. Now its a decision to either have it sandblasted by the shop or wire brush it if sand becomes a no no with this part of the truck.

Getting closer to getting the frame out of the garage and off to the blaster.
Got to get the rig figured out that will support the cab once I move the frame out of the garage.
Progress thread for my 66
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