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Re: Fixin Dixie - 66 Short Bed Fleetside

Originally Posted by RANDY COX View Post
Wow a lot of hard and good work on repairing those fenders, yea bondo is never a good rust fix, my ole burb had newspaper packed in a hole and then just bondoed over like really how long would that last...I just recently got new repo fenders and I will pop a hole in the bottom of the fender brace since all it does is trap water and dirt and that's what rust's them out anyway...I will be subscribed..
Thanks for checking out my build Randy! Newspaper and Bondo, man. I did that once to fill a hole in the sheetrock when I was a kid, wadded up the paper and stuffed it and joint compound all round. Good luck with your fenders, its worth taking the time to modify to help stop the future muck that pockets and rusts.

This weekend I was able to use the engine hoist to flip the frame to paint the other side. Took my time and covered up the hoist base with a moving blanket to keep it from scratching. Then I took a 4 x 6 and cut 18 inch lengths to take lag bolts and mount the frame. Added some felt to the top of the posts to keep from scratching and added casters to roll it down the drive when the time comes to have the cab blasted and placed in the garage for repairs.

As of tonight I now have 3 coats on the frame and front cross member.

Progress thread for my 66
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