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Re: 58 fleet + C4 Rear : Park Brake Question

thanks for the replies guys.
I was just wondering people had done in the past with the C4 rear conversions. I personally just dont like the way the factory C4 setup functions.

I am pretty good with engineering and designing I just cant weld for SHI...

Personally I ike to use as many factory parts as I can and fabricate the few as it makes finding or repacing stuff later easier.

At this stage I have I ordered some 88 C4 rear cables. Once I get them in 6-8 weeks with all my wiring and other brake hoses etc then I can start to play. My plan is to run them straight forwards towards the middle of the chassis then to use a joiner to run a custom cable to the handbrake mechanism (probably from a 79 truck) as ive heard they bolt straight up to the LHS hood binge bolts.
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