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Bad Idea

Exactly as it says....BAD IDEA.
Ohwell, it's too late to turn back now.
Bought in '10. I redid drivetrain and some other things that I didn't like or were wrong. I'll kinda try to be careful what I say or don't say given there could be the chance the previous owner is watching all this happenin. Anyways, about a month ago I tore out the homemade bed floor and was aiming at installing new wood bed kit only to figure out that crossmembers, rear sill, and bed header panel were all for or set up for a ?"flat type"? or steel floor. So, I decided I wanted a color change because I'd be changing front bed header panel and a perfect color match sure wasn't happenin. So, after talking to a painter in my area I decided that if I was gonna do this right I'd fix and/or make EVERYTHING the way that I would want it. This ain't gonna be a world record turn around and hopefully not take me the rest of my life to complete. I'll try to post as much as I can. Please feel free to make comments or ask me questions on anything you want cuz I'm gonna need the help and opinions of all on this site to support me from losing my god damned mind. Thanks to all in advance.
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