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Re: Show me your 4x4 Suburbans!

I've been looking for Burb for a couple of years now and wanted a 4x2. After looking at this thread a few times I'm really starting to think there may be a
4x4 Burb in my future. I do realize and respect how much time and money go into doing one of these with the jacked up stuff but I would prefer to do mine like the original with the factory buckets and console and a set of 6 bolt rally wheels,which I already have and maybe put a 68 front clip on as I love the front end of the 67/68 trucks. I'm dealing on this one in Minnesota and as usual it took the owner two wekks to return my call and I've been waiting 3 days now for the more detailed pictures he was going to send the next day. I bootlegged the attached pics from the CL ad and that is why they are small.
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