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Re: Want to buy a K20

They're talking about 52napco

Yeah, all this popularity is changing my world. I have always been a K/20 guy first and foremost. They are in my blood. To me a fully loaded K/20 is top of the 67-72 food chain while the big block loaded SWBs seem to be that for the majority. I like the trucks so much I have had just about one of each. But, Custom Camper C/20 & C/30s were my close second. I have a had a slew of both configurations and a few of each at a time...till my divorce. Hello, my name is Tim and I'm an 8-lugger guy. My very first truck was a '72 SWB C/10 and, like most, I love them too. But for my uses the 8-luggers have to come first and the SWBs are car or toy, so lower on the priority list.

I guess you dn't want to donate your C/10 to put on a K/20 chassis? Is being a factory K/20 important to you? I ask because you can do that 2wd body on 4wd chassis or even go on to 73-87s and used a crapped out PA square body for a donor. I have a '77 K/30 chassis for just that purpose. They even had Spicer hubs back then. I still have one original and with the way things have changed, I intend to retain it's originality and make the other truck to suit me . Probably be a beefy flatbed better outfitted for off road
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