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Originally Posted by robnolimit View Post
Let me answer a few. Karl, yes we will be in tX, come by and see us, & go for a ride in the Bullit. SBTork, if your not going drasticaly low, use a Ridetech kit on the stock arms, upgrade to urathane bushings, pay for the good shocks, and add a rear sway bar. Basemodel 67, I am not much of a fan of alum., or del-alum. bushings on the street. Urathane is a better choice. TO ALL USING URATHANE Drill the outer sleave and install your own grease zerk fittings in EACH bushing. Use poly-graphite grease. We dont want them to flex, but we do want them to rotate easily. CAUTIONThe inner steel sleave of the bushing shoud be as long as the urathane parts. When the bolt is tight, it should torque up onto the inner sleave, NOT crush the urathane bushing sides. MANY MANUFACTURERS dO NOT GET THIS. it is up to you to check. If there not right, don't use them. 68GMCustom, cross bracing is as important, or more so, than boxing. Keep that in mind. Urathane cab/core support mounts are also a plus, and no harsher than the stock rubber. A freind of mine made aluminum cab mounts for his C-10 (drag car) and it does leave better, but it's a bit noisy on the street. If you already are invested in the stock IFS, maybe the 'right' set of tubular lowers is a good choice. Problem is, the 'right' set havent been made yet. Perhaps you guys can convince Nate to build some with the lower ball joint moved forward 1/2", and move the shock out 3/4" to get more shock feel. Or, put two shock mount locations on them. Nate?
We could always make some adjustments to the arms if desired.... just have to ask.

The reason I don't already do so on a production level, is that the geometry on our Dropmember already corrects this problem.

We are also finishing up the development of a new Dropmember system... "Dropmember Touring Edition". It's name will reflect its focus. I am pretty much done with all my development for the frame-laying systems and moving on to the stuff that really interests me... performance! Maybe we will have to chase eachother around the track in the not so distant future.


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