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Re: Rewired 70 C10 heater and running lights on even if ign is not plugged in.

Well this is a new first A selfie thread.

I wouldn't ever chastise anyone for posting, but I must say that your bold font is a little hard on the eyes. I see that you discard that so thanks for that.

Now I also see by your attachments that you are using the AAW fuse panel which is different than the good ole GM version. This makes for the possibility that you have mis-wired the panel. I have not had experience with this panel but I assume the harness that AAW makes is very similar to the OEM version.

If that's the case then you will have a large red feed wire from the main junction into the cab which feeds the panel, the horn relay, the ignition switch, and the headlight switch. These are the feeds for all the key off functions of the truck.
Horn, Brakes, Hazards, cigarette lighter, and headlights including dash and tail lights.

The fuse panel feed is expanded by an orange wire which feeds the headlight switch for the Tail lights and the dash lights and it feeds the stoplight switch and the dome light fuse.

I've posted it before but here it is for those who may have missed it.

Name:  Cab-1web.jpg
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As you can see the red wires come into the cab and form a junction then each wire goes to the location I described. The key switch and the headlight switch are not shown in this diagram. I'll put it below.

The orange wire is shown at the fuse panel in the lower right corner with the dome light connector. Notice the connector also has a white(shown as black) wire which is the ground side of the dome light and it is the side of the circuit that is switched by the door switches and the headlight switch knob when rotated. Is it possible that you have connected the white wire with the orange wire which goes to the headlight switch?

Just for information this diagram shows two other sets of wires that provide power to the fuse panel for "key on" functions.

Name:  Cab-2-web.jpg
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The pink wire from the key switch which feed the ignition coil and the fuse panel for the cluster feed fuse.

Then we have the 12 gauge brown wire from the key switch accessory terminal (shown by the arrows) which feeds the wiper fuse, the heater/AC fuse, and the turn signal flasher.

Here is the other diagram showing the Key and headlight switches

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