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Red face Re: Rewired 70 C10 heater and running lights on even if ign is not plugged in.

Selfie thread helps me think. Many a time I have started typing and then in the middle of it, jumped up and headed back to the garage.

In answer to your question, no, the courtesy dome is wired correctly (or left out as it is now). The difference appears to be that AAW included the white wire marked "ctsy ground" specifically (just as the brake switch wires above have their own wires).

You mention the orange feed wire from the panel. I've included a shot of the AAW harness below:

The harness does not have a wire marked "ctsy dome feed" (wouldn't you want an item like this to match exactly with the chart?) but has an orange wire marked "12V Battery Fused". My guess is this is what is supposed to feed the Ctsy Dome. However, this truck has been pieced together with a Muncie 4 speed and the reverse switch is mounted on the tranny underneath the bell housing at the base of the shifter. The 12V Battery Fused wire is currently feeding the backup lamp switch which I haven't found on any of the charts, but it works with 12V fused power.

Now, in order to incorporate the dome since I have it, I have spliced it to 3 different 12V fused wires. Here were the results:

Spliced to 12V fused feed going to backup lamp switch. This allowed the dome to work until I pulled the light switch (1st position) which shorted the fuse and thus the reverse lights.

Spliced into orange "brake switch" wire (as is shown on the OEM chart). Figured this would be my best option as it was closest to the original but had the same result.

Spliced to the orange 12V fused wire that comes directly from the switch and goes back to the panel. (Looking back I wish I hadn't done this but I will try anything) and got the same result.

Currently: All 12V fused functions have their own source directly from the panel but the courtesy dome is not connected.

If you look at the AAW chart, Circuit Branch 5 is for accessories and port 102 is another 12V fused feed. This is either for the lighter or spare 12V fused power. I currently have the lighter hooked up through this connection and on the advice of a friend I have double checked and there is not a penny at the bottom. I have seen evidence of accessory and light sockets causing issues but don't know for sure if that may be the case here.

The other difference is that on the OEM chart you have the gray wire (Cluster LP.) feeding to the cluster plug and then out to the A/C heater lamp. Currently I don't have an A/C heater lamp so the gray wire on the AAW harness (branch 7 marked "dash lights" because this is the ONLY gray wire on the harness) is connected to the the cluster plug but the gray wire going out to what should be the A/C heater lamp is capped.

This is a lot of information but hopefully someone with superior knowledge can decipher this.
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