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Re: Rewired 70 C10 heater and running lights on even if ign is not plugged in.

Thanks VV. I really appreciate your comments and thoughts and understand that doing a "hands off" diagnosis is less than desirable.

Quote from first full paragraph on first post: "On my first attempt to connect the battery, I burned out to (TWO, oops) wires on the printed circuit (alternator circuit, and "terminal next to battery" circuit. It was tedious but I was able to splice together the old board and the new board for a completed circuit that would fit around the tach. "

So in essence I have stitched together the circuit board and it maybe worth mentioning that I have LED lights in the dash instead of the standard bulbs it originally came with.

At one point in the thread it seemed to be the BRK/CTSY fuse causing the issue. Also at one point when I had it wired incorrectly (don't remember the exact configuration) It did blow both the PARK LT and the BRK/CTSY fuse but now that I am certain the wires are running to the correct places, it is definitely the PARK LT fuse that is consistently blowing.

Even with my inexperience this seems to be leading back to the dash and since VV seems to concur, that's where I will be searching today. I'll let you know what I find.
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