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Re: Yet another GMC build

Usually when I have the hood popped at a car show I hear two reactions...1. “Look at that there LS motor. I like that a lot.” Or 2. “That’s why I don’t like them there LS motors. Those coils are uh-glee!” I picked up some coil covers on eBay that bolt right in. That is, after hours of trimming to fit. And buying 1/2” long spacers because the supplied hardware was too short. And removing the compressor and master cylinder to get them in the hole. And sanding and painting. Yep, bolt right in! Not convinced I shouldn’t have gone black but too hard to get back out and the paint was left over from the column. Now I hate the intake cover and not sure I want it back on. Will decide later. At least I covered up the nasty coil packs.
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69/67 chevy/gmc LS powered unibody:

One piece window conversion Blackdiesel style:
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