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Starter Solenoid Wiring Help!!!

Ok, this is what I'm working with.

72 Chevy C10 with an 80s 350 (center bolt valve covers). I replaced the chopped up wiring harness with the one available from Painless. I have everything wired up but the starter does not engage.

The PO converted to an HEI ignition system and the starter solenoid has 3 terminals; battery terminal, R terminal and the S terminal. Originally I connected the pink wire to the HEI, the purple wire to the S terminal, and the red wire to the battery terminal as per my understanding of the instructions.

But the starter did not engage and it did not seem correct that nothing would be connected to the R terminal.

So here is what I am thinking should be done, the pink wire needs to be connected to the R terminal with a wire spliced into it that runs up to the HEI. Is my thinking correct?

If not what is the problem with the original set up that it did not work?

My understanding is that even if the HEI system is not getting power the starter should turn over but its not.

Thanks for the help.
1972 Chevy C10 aka Sancha
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