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Re: The Hillbilly Deluxe dually build

Wiring harness was a mess everywhere. I had to do a whole lot of wire replacement, terminal replacement, soldering and heatshrinking.

I had to un-pin the injector connectors and build an entire new injector harness.

Old battery cables were pure trash so I converted to boat type of terminal ends and had new cables made.

The new cables aren't cheap, but they're 2 ought welding cable and copper prices aren't cheap anymore. You got to have garden hoses to get the electricity to that big block starter. I hate hard to start trucks,

Also rebuilt the battery tray. It's kind of ghetto really. The truck came with a nice new battery that was too big for the box. Plus the tray was rusty also. So, I grabbed a scrap piece of plate steel and just built a new base for the battery to sit on. Afterwards powdercoated it gloss black.

Boat battery terminals.

Ghetto fab work

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