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Re: Sectioned factory cross-member rack and pinion issues

Originally Posted by BR3W CITY View Post
Nope, thats pretty much the option you have. Otherwise you can locate a mid 2000's rack assembly (iirc like a 2005 truck) and disassemble the casement. You can try to split the aluminum casing and flipping the half with the input shaft. Thats basically what needs to happen to have the steering input be on the correct side and clocked to accept the steering shaft.

In a perfect world all you need is the ~$150 junkyard rack and a tig welder...but we all know it ends up being a bit tougher than that in actual execution. Exactly HOW much needs to but cut and clocked in the casing would be the larger challenge.
I have a friend that is currently trying to pull something like that together but he isn't 100% sure if he can get the geometry correct. I was curious if any one had any other "bingo" solutions worked out yet and I'm just in the dark about them. Looks like it's time for that second job! Thanks for the help man!
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