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Re: 700R4 build thread.

Now that the case is bare, Clean the case thoroughly, Having it ran through parts washer is a good idea. Remove the 2 thimble filters from the case. 1 at the rear of the case (Governor feed) & one toward the front (TCC solenoid feed), Before cleaning

Time to leak check the 3rd Accumulator check ball assembly, It is absolutely critical to check this, If it is leaking it will only be a matter of time before the 3/4 clutches burn down.

The valve body face needs to be pointing straight up.
Install 2/4 servo assembly in servo bore.
Install servo cover and retainer, then pour a suitable solvent into the accumulator bore. Observe for leakage inside case. *Pic.
If leakage is observed, replace 3rd accumulator retainer and ball assembly.

Remove 3rd accumulator retainer and ball assembly using a number 4 screw extractor.
Install new check ball assembly, small end first into case, positioning oil feed slot in sleeve facing servo cover.

Using suitable tool, drive check valve assembly until seated in case. To ensure correct installation depth, scribe a mark at 1.653 inch on a 3/8 inch diameter metal rod, then seat the 3rd accumulator and ball assembly as shown. When the scribed line is flush with the case, Installation depth is correct.

The AC-Delco part# is 8634400 if new check ball assembly is needed.

Red arrow is the 3rd accum. exhaust port, It the valve is leaking...Solvent will leak out here. The white arrow is the Bleed orifice...Solvent will leak here...Normal condition.
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