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Re: 454 366 bbc

Originally Posted by Dooley View Post
I recently got one of the 366's to replace the blown 6.2 in my M1008 CUCV.
It's now bored .60 over and I'm collecting the parts I need for the swap. An oil pan, water pump, exhaust manifolds, oil pump and pickup, motor mounts, fan/pulleys from a 454, new Dart intake manifold, and other assorted brackets and other items.
I'm assuming that Dart intake is for the tall deck block??? Not many make intakes for tall decks, and most are for racing applications. I have not kept up on what's currently available, though....

I was contemplating this swap, but it seemed to be too much trouble. I had the stuff for a low fan water pump setup (the high fan water pump, is TOO high), it solved the water pump bypass deal (using a stock intake) , but the larger size radiator hoses, inspired me to swap the engine (I got a deal on it) for some other stuff, I could use.

Keep us informed on this, you might have some ideas, the rest of us can use...366's were in school buses, and all kinds of medium duty trucks (although this stuff is getting more scarce every day w/ the high prices being paid for scrap these days).

The oil pan in the picture MIGHT work if it's a 7 quart pan, if it's a 10 qt. pan, no way...
I'm assuming you are not using the 366 balancer...
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