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Re: Restoring Rusty

Mike really good info in your post, and I will address all your points soon when my brain is fully On, but first just some quick answers.

Originally Posted by MikeB View Post
Did you get rid of that Holley 80457, or convert it to dual inlet float bowls?
Nope I still have it and yes I converted it to a dual bowl dual inlet sight glass bowls with two metering blocks and got rid of that silly metering plate in the back.

Originally Posted by MikeB View Post
And are you able to use the rear vacuum port on the manifold? A problem with Edelbrock manifolds is the rear port is somewhat obscured by a Holley float bowl.
Ha ha, I almost forgot to plug that port in the back of the intake manifold, I thought about tapping into it with a 90* but then I thought I just use the port in the back of my carb for the brake booster. I may have been able to clear it since I run a 1" carb spacer, but on a second thought I may wanna experiment without the spacer, so it's probably best I didn't use it.

Originally Posted by MikeB View Post
Glad to see you got some nice heads.
As our friend Lucky Costa of the Hot Rod Garage fame said, "after careful hours of research, I bought the first thing I saw" I may have gotten lucky with these, don't know yet, but it's what was sitting on the office floor at the machine shop, the owner said he wanted to use them on his own motor, (BINGO... I thought good enuff for him, good enuff fer me) but he said they been there three years since some guy couldn't afford to pay off one of his engine rebuilds the shop owner got em in a trade/barter.

Originally Posted by MikeB View Post
My 350 got new Vortecs four years ago, but if I had a do-over I'd go with conventional heads. No problems so far, but their thin castings are prone to crack if the engine is overheated -- apparently even slightly overheated. That's why the vast majority of used Vortecs have hairline cracks. Of course I learn this after buying the heads, manifold, valve covers, expensive intake gaskets, etc, etc.
Awesome bro, have you tried the Crane Cams 10309-1 spring kit on them to get the higher lift or the Comp Cams 26915, 26918 beehive springs? No doubt they crack I have now gone through five pairs of Vortec heads, that's 10 cylinder heads from the junk yard, and none of them was any good.

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