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Re: What did you do yo your truck today??

I pulled the 91 off the road today. After 27 years and 236000km, it's finally getting some much needed TLC. The idler arm is going out on it and the pivot for the tilt is too lose to feel comfortable driving it. And the headliner is getting wet in heavy rain, so I think the windshield seal needs to be replaced. The original ball joints however are still tight, try that with a newer truck. So, I'm going to gut the interior, put in some much needed sound deadening, shampoo the carpet, pull the headliner and have it re-done (liner is sagging pretty back), fix the column and a few cracked panels and then put it all back to getting, good as new.
Going to go through the engine bay and clean up some old wiring that's no longer required and fix the powersteering bracket the previous owner cut, change the fluids and filters, and de-grease the engine and inner fenders.
After all the that and the idler arm, it'll be good for another 235k km lol... Still planning to paint it in 2021 when it turns 30 years old.
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