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Re: Project 72' Green Machine

My time in my current garage has been reduced to another month or so. That leaves me getting my truck back together and driving.

More work done this weekend. I spent a lot of time blasting the front core support and fenders removing any rust that had built up. After trolling the internet I concluded that the headlight relay system was the right plan so a trip to the junk yard and I was rewarded with three relays + pug tails.

I discovered that one of my rear springs was broke in two places! So I ordered up a new set and started working. Does anyone have any special tools or ideas for the square nuts in the spring pockets/retainers? I could not break any of them loose. The heat wrench and penetrating fluid was a no go. Worst case they come out with a cut off wheel. For some new tires I mounted up a set of Good year 235/70 R15's on my junk yard rims. Its a nice start. Once the springs are out and new stuff installed I will be turning my attention to the gas tank. Wow is it bad inside. I'm going to run it until my funds are replenished and a new gas tank presents itself. One thing at a time. The old sending unit was trashed and waaayyy beyond reuse. So its going to the trash can.

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