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Re: Help a NOOB - A continuing saga

Originally Posted by Steeveedee View Post
If I was on your side of the continent, I could lend a hand. It just grinds my gears that stuff like this happens and the owner can't get decent help.

I'm glad there's guys like you out here on this forum. I'm at my whit's end with a rear brake drum job I'm working on on my C20 and would love to have a volunteer to lend me a hand. I'm a rookie at doing brakes on this truck, even though I changed the motor myself. I never in a million years would've thought I'd change the motor but I did with the help of friends and family. It's reassuring to see people like yourself that feel the pain of struggling gear-heads, so thank you for understanding. I'd fly you and your family out to MN for a semi fabulous vacation out here if I had the money. Haha!
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