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Re: Help a NOOB - A continuing saga

Originally Posted by ncpetersc View Post
Wow! A lot of information here, thanks!

I am fairly certain the distributor advance is connected to "ported" vacuum.

I'll try to answer more of your questions about # of ports etc. when I get home. I'll take some pictures.
Attaching pics of ports:
Pic 1: front of carb. The port on the left behind the fuel line is for the choke vac can. Fatter hose under fuel inlet is PCV (drivers side) and smog cannister I think it is referred to. The one on the right T's off to smog cannister and then to PIC 2.

Pic 2: is the solenoid I believe that cuts vacuum at idle as you were talking about? This then goes to the distributor advance can.

Pics 3 & 4: plugged ports, one on passenger side (that was not plugged when I got the truck home from the shop), and one in the rear at the base.

Pic 5: While taking these pictures I think I found the source of the severe hiss/sucking. I think this goes back to my trans vac modulator. Clearly self induced! Feeling pretty stupid I couldn't find that yesterday.

So reconnecting the hose eliminated the hiss and the motor is idling pretty well again. Still shows close to 12 advance at a nice idle around 700 rpm.

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