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Re: Help a NOOB - A continuing saga

How long ago was this carb supposedly "rebuilt"?

That pic showing inside the air horn tells me the carb was not dipped as part of the rebuild process...I would never perform a rebuild without dipping the entire carb body and top...

There is a considerable amount of built up crud inside the air horn, the air bleeds are filthy and the general condition is poor.

I can see fuel dampness inside the air port indicating the fuel float level is way too high...obviously not correctly set during rebuild.

Its no wonder you are having issues...

Re guaranteedcarburetors experiences...I have purchased 4 Quadrajets over the past 12 months from them...nothing but good results from these guys...
I use these on engine builds for clients and usually supply a wrecker yard second hand one in exchange...(why dont I build them myself ?...sometimes I do but its usually a time crunch situation...I order online, it turns up and works...)

I would be demanding a refund from this shop of horrors....

Just my two cents worth...

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