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Re: Good wiring diagrams

Those are the Mitchell wiring diagrams.

My T400 manuals thread has the 93 GM wiring diagrams along with the Unit Repair and Emissions manuals. Look in My signature.

I don't have a 1993 service manual in my library but the 92 & 94 should get you what you need.

1987 - 1993 wiring diagrams were 11x17 pages. I usually print them on ARCH B (12x18) if I need a hard copy.

The parts and illustration books are extremely useful as well but the paper books stopped in 1993. As I've said before I have fiche for 94-01 T400 trucks but it'll cost an arm, leg, and several internal organs to get it digitized.

You can find most T400 manuals on evilbay for a reasonable price compared to the T800 manuals.
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RTFM... GM Parts Books, GM Schematics, GM service manuals, and GM training materials...Please include at least the year and model in your threads. It'll be easier to answer your questions.
And please let us know if and how your repairs were successful.

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