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Lets talk steering wheel ideas!

Hi all,

As many of you know i'm in the process of finishing up the frame off restoration of my 72 GMC Jimmy. The truck was mostly stock but had an aftermarket steering wheel on it. That steering wheel isn't right for this truck (see picture).

I'm looking for inspiration. What steering wheel do you think i should put on the truck? My truck is mostly stock, its been repainted in the original color. there is no lift. I put in leather instead of vinyl seats and i'm reupholstering the doors in brown leather, but it is made to mimic the stock look. I'm using orange seatbelts rather than white to give it a little bit of custom look.

I have heard many talking up the chevelle 15" steering wheel with a softgrip on it. I'm considering that. What other ideas do you think i should consider? Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!

Thanks all!
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