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Talking The Green Monster Just an old farm truck

Well I mentioned I was trading my lil tractor for a 77 Chevy K10 and the trade took place on Saturday. She is just an old rough farm truck nothing more. I have wanted a solid axle Chevy for a while now to play off road with and drive year round. This truck is going to be fixed up and rust proofed in the spring. Right now I am going to get it inspectable so my father can drive it during the winter. It is my first 4x4 Chevy and my first short bed and my first stepside. Keep in mind I am a college student who lives at school so the only time I have to work on this is on school breaks after work. I have a line on some used front sheet metal and a used bed. As well as a set of doors. The cab is going to need one brace and a rocker panal but is very solid. the frame looks great as well.

History of the truck:
I bought this from the orginal family. the guy I got it from enherited it from his grandfathers farm in 1996. His grandfather who is now 102 bought it brand new from chevy back in 1977 and worked it on his farm in PA. IT was a farm truck from the get go and rarely left. When he took delivery of it he imedatly took it over to the paint shop and had it sprayed the metalic green color. He did this because he was afraid it would be stolen. From the factory it was black with a red pin stripe. It had the wagon wheels and aluminm running boards mixed with the green paint made it just scream 70's style. I still have the running boards but the grandson removed them many years ago. The grandson drove it when he turned 16 until 2000 when he parked it in favor of a more gas friendly car. He tried selling it a few times but could not because of sentimental value. He tried to move it one day and it would not move so he posted it online. I offered to trade him for my 62 wheel horse tractor and a deal was struck.

To my surprise:
After Decoding the vin I learned a lot more about the truck. IT has a 350 v8 instead of the 305 that I thought it had. It also was a big ten model which means it is a heavy duty 1/2 ton truck. IT sports a 12 bolt rear end and I am uncertain on the front diff at this time. Un fortunatly the RPO sheet is gone from the glove box. It is a Scottsdale and has PS and PB. It also has a quarts clock in it. It is an np203 all time 4x4 and 3 speed auto which i am guessing is a th350 but have not looked. Another neat thing is this is my frist square body to be built in Flint MI. this is cool because my dad grew up in flint and probibly knows some one that had a hand in building this truck. Also this truck has 28,000 original miles on it supported by the title.

Get her reliable and inspectable. start hording sheet metal to re skin in the spring. Maybe a 4 inch lift in the future. New bumpers and a possible winch. I am going to keep it simple and keep it a truck.

Okay here we go with the pics
Bringing the wheel horse:

look a Chevy fallowing me: I bet they thought we where crazy towing the little tractor on a car trailor

The monster is loaded on and headed home:
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