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Re: The Green Monster Just an old farm truck

First off thanks for checking out my post!

To answer some questions:

For the imedate futre it will look pretty much the same. It is going to get a wxhaust put on it and all fluid flush. Also need to give it a good once over. In adittion it will get a new front cab support on thje drivers side font and maybe a rocker panel.

this spring I hope to :
Plans include rust free used sheet metal and a back yard paint job. I am unsure what color as of now but i like the metallic green it is now. Also a set of diffrent bumpers and possible winch and 4 inch lift. I am going to use this as a truck and have a very limited budget by which to fix it up.

72BlckButy- she should mow the lawn nicely leaving some good sized ruts!

vern350- any pics of your fathers? Nope not sure on the transmission as of right now. We pretty much picked it up and i headed back to school (final exams coming up).

454HO- Thanks for the input on the axle. To clarify it was it in Flint and worked on a farm in Pennsylvania. She defiantly has a lot of bumps and the bumpers are really shot!

Again thanks for the encouragement. I found a deal on a front clip and a step side bed so I might check those out and pick them up.
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