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Re: The Green Monster Just an old farm truck

Originally Posted by ChaseDale3and8 View Post
This looks like one fun project and will make a really nice looking truck when it's done! I really like the stepside 4x4 shortbeds in this body style! Are you planning to keep it a stepper? Are you planning to paint it, and if so, what color? Sounds like the engine and drivetrain are low mileage, and if it runs good I'd just get a new set of gaskets, clean it up, tune it up, and paint it up if it were me.

I'll be watching your progress on it as you go, and good luck with it! Looks to me like you got the better end of the deal and he probably already is kicking himself! That front diff is a 10 bolt, so I'm guessing the year has to be 1978, right? Dana 44s were used through 1977 then changed to the 10 bolt in 1978.
It is defiantly going to stay a step side. They are classic. It is also keeping the Same style front end. I am uncertain on the final color. I actually like its current color but it may end up in a dark forest green or.... It is infarct a 1977 model year built truck according to the vin number. I highly drought the axle was swapped. Maybe it got one of the first 10 bolt's?
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