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Re: The Green Monster Just an old farm truck

Originally Posted by 84 400 View Post
It is defiantly going to stay a step side. They are classic. It is also keeping the Same style front end. I am uncertain on the final color. I actually like its current color but it may end up in a dark forest green or.... It is infarct a 1977 model year built truck according to the vin number. I highly drought the axle was swapped. Maybe it got one of the first 10 bolt's?
It is possible that it was built as a late '77 with a corporate 10 bolt front since GM made quite a few rolling model year changes on the assembly line. They might have used up all their stock of Dana 44s and switched to the Corporate front end on some of the late 1977 model year trucks. it's really hard to say, but I'll bet that you are right about the fact that it's not likely that someone changed the front axle with the low mileage that it has unless there was a problem while it was still under warranty, but that's not likely to be the case either. ...Joe
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